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Hello Barbie ® collectors from around the world.
Welcome to my vintage Barbie website!

I am known in the doll-collecting world as "Barbiefanatic".
I am a purchase buyer and a consignor of vintage Barbie dolls, clothing and
related accessories. For the past 25 years I have been obsessed with that one and only
"Vintage Vinyl Goddess".
I created this website to share my love of Barbie with other like-minded people.
After 25 years of running this successful website, I am now closing the doors.
Thank you all for your kindness and your business throughout the years.
Any items that I have left for sale will be posted on eBay or Etsy.

Links to eBay and Etsy are posted below.

Many Thanks and Happy Collecting!!!
Luv, Barbiefanatic

I am always looking to consign or possibly purchase any vintage Barbie items.
I am only interested in dolls and accessories sold between 1959 and 1976.
I do not deal with collector edition dolls, Holiday Barbies or anything else that is
not vintage, and I can not advise you where you can sell those items. I do not follow that market.
I am STRICTLY vintage.

To sell or consign your vintage items, please send an email to

Please include pictures and descriptions of your items, along with your asking price.
I am not an appraiser, so please decide how much you want for your collection
BEFORE you contact me.

Due to the thousands upon thousands of junk emails that I receive, please entitle your email
so I can catch it if it goes to the junk folder.

I will continue to have a large amount of vintage Barbie items in stock.
I just do not have the time to update this website anymore.
If you are looking for any particular items...from dolls to shoes, please feel free to inquire direct.

To see what I currently have listed for sale please check my Etsy store or eBay listings:

Barbiefanatic's Items on Etsy

Barbiefanatic's Items on eBay

The items I have listed on Etsy are on consignment.
You will be purchasiing my items from my wonderful friend in Texas.

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Please contact Barbiefanatic by email at:

for visiting and come back soon!

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